1st Marown Scout Group

Group Scout Leader: Paul Craine

Caarjyn Veeney (Dear Friends / Dear All)
Fastyr mie

I am very pleased to pass on the great news that 1st Marown Cubs and Scouts will be able to resume face-to-face scouting from this Friday (3 July).

We have been given training and submitted a Covid-19 risk assessment document, which has been checked and approved by the Island Commissioner, and I want to share with you how our meetings will
work over the next few weeks. The Isle of Man is currently at Level 1: Stay Responsible, with no social distancing required. When that changes, our risk assessment will be reviewed.

I recognise that the approach we are taking amounts to being ‘cautious’, but Isle of Man Scouts are the first in the UK to start up again and we want to be able to run an adventurous programme.

• Our meetings in the near future will all be outdoors. We will work with the Cubs and Scouts together most weeks – although working separately. This will give us greater flexibility with leaders.
• When you drop-off or collect your sons/daughters please do not hang about – a staggered start and end with minimal contact between parents is preferable.
• At the start and end of every meeting we will use a hand sanitiser.
• We would ask that Cubs and Scouts attend in uniform (if they have it) unless told otherwise in advance – and that they do not wear clothing that they have worn at school for a Cub/Scout meeting.
• Cubs and Scouts should try to visit a toilet before setting off for a meeting.
• No Cubs, Scouts (or Leaders) should attend a meeting if they have symptoms that might relate to Covid-19.
• If any Cub, Scout (or Leader) shows signs of symptoms at a meeting – we will end the meeting and send all participants home.
I would be grateful if all parents would provide us with the following updated information by email.

1. Please indicate that you have read the notes above and find these arrangements acceptable.
2. Please provide an update of the best phone numbers for contacting you during a meeting.
3. Please provide a brief update of any pre-existing health condition of your child.

Now for something more exciting

Our meeting this Friday (3rd July) will involve Climbing and River Walking. We have been able to book the Scout Camp Site at Mullin y Carty (at the southern end of the Ballamodha Straight – the entrance is clearly marked on the right, going south, just after the bridge over the river). The site has climbing walls
and has access to the Silverburn River. We will have additional leaders working with us on these activities.
Cubs and Scouts will need to arrive in uniform – but will need a complete change of clothes and a towel for the river walking. They may choose to arrive with their clothes for river walking under their uniforms – but they will still need a change of clothes for later.
They will need appropriate footwear for use on the climbing wall – and an old pair of trainers or strong, suitable, alternative shoes for the river walking (not wellies).
Cubs and Scouts need to be dropped-off at 6.15pm and collected at 8.15pm.
I hope to see a good turnout on Friday – it will be great to meet up with everyone again.

Yours in Scouting


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