Fitness Challenge

Fitness Challenge

We have a challenge aimed at Cubs, but no reason why the Scouts couldn’t join in too.

The challenge will run for two weeks and during that time you need to improve your results.

You can download the formĀ Cub Scout Fitness Challange (PDF) or Cub Scout Fitness Challange (Word) but if you don’t have a printer, no problem, you can write everything down on paper and send a picture.

The downloaded chart has links you can click to find out how to complete each challenge.

If you think it’s too easy, or too hard, the targets can be adjusted, but please check with a leader first.

Everyone who completes the challenge will get a badge, or Scouts a woggle.

Nearly forgot, please feel free to post pictures of your child doing the challange on our Facebook Group.

Any questions, just ask a leader.