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1st Marown Challenge

All of these challenges are designed to be completed by all age groups, most  can even be completed if your family is forced to self-isolate and will require no specialist equipment other than perhaps some means of access to the internet or a camera and a few bits and pieces most people should be able to find around the home. Google and YouTube are definitely your friends for a lot of these challenges.
1. Try a food you have never tried before.
2. Build an indoor den or fort and sleep in it (Scouts might try this in their garden if possible).
3. Make contact with someone who might be lonely, you could try ringing them, sending a letter, or even waving as you walk past their window.
4. Help someone do something they find difficult (perhaps you could help a
younger brother or sister with their shoelaces.)
5. Teach someone a new skill (Is it time dad learned Minecraft?)
6. Build a model rocket out of rubbish you find around the house, Scouts could you make one that will actually launch?
7. Find and identify 5 different types of tree.
8. Make contact with someone who lives overseas.
9. Make a gift for someone you love.
10. Learn and write about the history of Douglas.
11. Learn to say Hello, Thank you and introduce yourself with your name in British sign language.
12. Learn to say Hello, Thank you and introduce yourself with your name in another language (not one you learn at school).
13. Cook a meal or help cook a meal for your family.
14. Design a new Woggle.
15. Lay the dinner table for a week.
16. Find out how to spell your name in Braille.
17. Paint or draw something from nature perhaps a tree or an animal.
18. Learn to tie a reef knot, a bowline and a figure of eight knot.
19. Spot and record 6 different birds or animals that come into your garden.
20. Read 6 different books (check out the book readers badge Beavers and Cubs)
21. Make something useful out of toilet roll tubes (glue, tape and paint may also be used).
22. Recycle 10 different things.
23. Make your bed every day for a week.
24. Draw or paint a self-portrait.
25. Climb a tree.
26. Plant a seed and grow a plant.
27. Find out how a Caesar shift cipher works then send a secret message to
28. Jump in a puddle.
29. Find out about a famous person from the Isle of Man, what do they do? Why are they famous?
30. Make a ‘smore (Toast a marshmallow over a fire or a tea light and then squish it between 2 chocolate biscuits)
31. Look at the stars and identify a constellation in the sky.
32. Make a sundial outside using a stick stuck in the ground and stones to mark the hours. (This will take a whole sunny day!)
33. Make a bridge out of a single cereal box it should bridge a 10cm gap
34. Go on a bug hunt and find and identify 6 different bugs.
35. Make something using origami.
36. Write a short story about a time you did your best
37. Make a bean bag (google this one for instructions).
38. Take at least 6 photographs that can be used to tell a story.
39. Learn a magic trick.
40. Make and shoot a bow and arrow (do not shoot your arrow towards any people or animals).
41. Eat a meal outside.
42. Wash up after a meal.
43. Go for a walk in the dark with or without a torch.
44. Build a sculpture using things you found on a walk e.g. sticks and stones.
45. Eat five different types of fruit or vegetable in one day.
46. Learn how to change a light bulb.
47. Find the stopcock in your house and how to turn it off.
48. Find the main fuse board in your house, get an adult to show you how to turn the electric off or on again.
49. Find out how much electric your house uses in 1 week.
50. Design and make a game, it could be a board game or an app.
51. Make someone a cup of tea or coffee.
52. Use a map to plan a journey, it could be a real or an imagined journey.
53. Print something using paint and items you find at home, you could do a potato print or make a stamp using other household items.
54. Make a short video of a scene from a book that you enjoy.
55. Oil your bike chain and check that your breaks work. (Alternatively do some maintenance on your scooter)
56. Build a den in your garden or in a wood.
57. Make a raft or boat that will float for at least a minute in either a stream, a lake or a bathtub.
58. Make a paper airplane that will fly for at least 5 meters.
59. Invent a new game that you can play at Beavers, Cubs or Scouts when we start up again.
60. Build a castle, it could be a sandcastle or a fort made of boxes or a Lego castle or something else entirely.
61. Play a board game.
62. Make a wind chime out of things you have at home.
63. Learn how to check the oil in a car and check that all the light bulbs are working.
64. Film yourself telling the best joke you know.
65. Help peel some vegetables.
66. Build a tower using newspaper.
67. Find 20 things that will fit inside a matchbox.
68. Draw or paint a scene from your favourite book or film.
69. Make a sandwich using one hand.
70. Play a game of Pooh Sticks.
71. Get up early and watch the sun rise.
72. Take a photo of a cloud that looks like something else.
73. Draw a picture using your feet.
74. Make a collage.
75. Paint a rock then hide it for someone else to find.
76. Donate some toys or books to a charity.
77. Make a card to cheer someone up.
78. Phone a friend or relative and speak to them.
79. Make a salt dough model (1 cup salt, 2 cups of flour and 1 cup of water)
80. Write a letter or postcard and send it to someone.
81. Make and play a musical instrument.
82. Upcycle an old item of clothing.
83. Repair something that is broken.
84. Use the internet to find at least 3 websites about something that interests you and print off or save some useful information.
85. Keep a weather diary for 2 weeks.
86. Learn about the history of your Scout Section, when was Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers founded.
87. Wash or put away the dishes for a week (or load/unload the dishwasher)
88. Learn how to sew Video
89. Bake a cake, some biscuits or bread Video
90. Tidy your bedroom for a week.
91. See if you can solve a Sudoku.
92. Draw a map of part of Douglas and show where key services are (library,
supermarket, school, petrol station etc.)
93. Learn the Countryside Code.
94. Look up 6 new words in the Dictionary, find out what they mean and when you would use them.
95. Write a review of your favourite book or film.
96. Learn how to send an email safely.
97. Do a set number of push-ups and or sit-ups per day for a week.
98. Find out about an international charity, what does it do and why is it important?
99. Have your parent or guardian set you a personal challenge which you have to do for 3 weeks (it might be something listed above)
100. Post pictures or videos of you doing at least 10 of these activities on the 1st Marown Facebook Group.
Tick off the challenges you have completed here, don’t forget to share what you are doing in our Facebook page or keep records signed by your parents
Challange CardWe hope that everyone can do some of these challenges to keep their Scouting active.

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