Fitness Challenge

Fitness Challenge

We have a challenge aimed at Cubs, but no reason why the Scouts couldn’t join in too.

The challenge will run for two weeks and during that time you need to improve your results.

You can download the form Cub Scout Fitness Challange (PDF) or Cub Scout Fitness Challange (Word) but if you don’t have a printer, no problem, you can write everything down on paper and send a picture.

The downloaded chart has links you can click to find out how to complete each challenge.

If you think it’s too easy, or too hard, the targets can be adjusted, but please check with a leader first.

Everyone who completes the challenge will get a badge, or Scouts a woggle.

Nearly forgot, please feel free to post pictures of your child doing the challange on our Facebook Group.

Any questions, just ask a leader.


Cubs Zoom in for a meeting

Scout At Home

Zoom meeting for Cubs.

Please join us tomorrow – details below.

Many thanks to the Cubs who were able to join us for the Zoom meeting last Friday. For those who weren’t there – we missed you, and we hope you can make the next one.
The film Jumanji got great feedback from all the Cubs – a film well worth watching.
We still need nominations for the new Sixer so please can we have some ideas for the Cubs who have not yet voted?
The task for this week is to film 2 clips for the toilet roll challenge. 1 clip is to catch a toilet roll from the right and then throwing it to your left. The other clip is you catching it from the left and then throwing it to your right. Please feel free to involve your family and pets – if possible. Make it as funny, silly, weird and wacky as you can. Our tech-guy Joel will put it together as one film, and hopefully it will be as funny as we think it will be! Another example.
This week’s meeting will be Thursday at 6.30pm – we hope you can make it.


James Smith is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: James Smith’s Personal Meeting Room
Scout At Home
Join Zoom Meeting…
Meeting ID: 430 485 3114
Passcode: see text message

Fingers crossed we will be back face to face next week.

Movie Night

1st Marown Movie Night

End of term Movie Night

At the beginning of the Autumn term, we asked the sixers to give us a list of the activities they wanted the leaders to organise, one of which was a Movie Night (complete with popcorn and drinks!), So this week, that is exactly what we are doing.

The night will start at our normal time of 6:30, but will end a little later at 8:30.

The venue will be at Suchi’s house in Crosby, but if you don’t know where that is, please contact one of the leaders.

The night promises to be a great fun-filled experience just before Christmas, and we are looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Our thanks go out to Suchci and his family for organising this.

Suchi has prepared lots of snacks, so probably best to skip tea!

Hop Tu Naa Night


1st Marown Cub Scouts

Next week’s meeting will be Hop-Tu-Naa themed, so we will devote the night to:

Fancy Dress – it would be great if your child can come in fancy dress! (Optional)

Halloween themed games

Pumpkin Carving (can any parents help us with this please?)

Ducking Apples – please send an alternative if your child doesn’t like apples

The following week will be half term, so no meeting, but please make a note that Sunday 8th November is Remembrance Sunday and the Cubs will lay a wreath at Marown Church Memorial – details, time etc. at our meeting on 6th November.

On 13th November, we visit the Peel Swimming Pool to work on the Swimmer Badge, and to pick our team for the Supersplash on Saturday 14th, at Ramsey Pool.

Can I suggest you arrange car sharing between you so that not everybody needs to take their car.

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