Cubs age 8-10 1/2 are the third step up the Scout ladder

When a child joins Cubs they are known as a ‘Recruit’ until they get invested.

Before getting invested, the recruit needs to learn the essentials of Cub Scouting;

The Cub Scout Law:

1st Marown Cub Scout Law

Cub Scout Promise:

1st Marown Cub Scout Promise

A Cub Scout Does A Good Turn Every Day Cub Scout Good Turn Diary [PDF]

Scout Motto: ‘Be Prepared’

The ‘Grand Howl‘: [Download PDF]

Our Pack has a copy of the Jungle Book DVD which you can borrow so you can learn the Jungle Story and understand the meaning of the names used in the pack. Do you know who ‘Akela’ is?

If you haven’t already been given one, you will need to complete and sign one of our information forms, which can be downloaded here:

Membership Information Form [Download PDF]

When a Cub gets invested into the Pack, parents will be invited to join us for the ceremony. Parents are welcome to bring their cameras so they can capture this special occasion.

This will be a good opportunity to meet the leaders, ask questions, and find out more about the Pack and our plans for the future weeks.

To help you understand better we have prepared Cub membership booklet [PDF]

Cub Badge Placement

Scan below to contact the leadership team:
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