How to be a great Scout parent

There are many ways in which you can play a positive role in modern Scouting.

First one is easy – its something you’ve already done… You chose to send your child to Beavers, Cubs, or Scouts.

By helping them get to meetings with the proper clothing and equipment will help them even more.

As you know, we go outside in all sorts of weather – so, as our motto says ‘Be Prepared’. Don’t let it be your child that stops an activity going ahead because they don’t have a waterproof coat or warm jumper.

When you arrive at the HQ, especially when we are setting up or breaking down after an event, a helping hand is better than a thank you, (both would be nice, often we get neither)

You may be asked to attend as part of a parent rota. There is a risk you might enjoy it! If you’d like to do more – speak to me, the Group Scout Leader.

Many of the leaders in the group started just like you. A little bit here and there, and then the rewards of seeing young people gain lifeskills and self Paul Craineconfidence start to make sense.

And if you think you don’t have the time… some of our best leaders are the busiest people I know, but making it to the meeting each week is a real stress buster.

Try it – you might like it!

Paul Craine – Group Scout Leader