1st Marown at Apemann

Programme 07.08.2020

This week Cubs and Scouts have a session at ApeMann Adventure Playground, South Barrule Plantation.

The session is from 6:30 – 8:15 and the cost will be £10 for the low course, £15 for the high course (10 and over)

Can everyone bring insect repellent and a drink please.

Next Week

Next week we have planned a trip on the Steam Train to Port Erin and back for the Cubs and a cycle ride to Peel and back (for those who can make it). This will count towards the Cyclist Badge.

Scouts are welcome to join the Cubs on the train trip, and Cubs can join the Cycle ride if they wish. Cubs need to only cycle to Peel to gain their badge, where Scouts will need to do the return trip.

The cost of the train trip will be £8.50 for children and £17 for adults. A packed lunch will be required.

We meet at 9:45 at Douglas station, returning on the 5:00pm service. For the cycle ride we start from Marown School at 6:30, returning at around 8:30pm.

Bikes are available so long as we know in advance, please speak to Bernard 07624313612.