Cubs Zoom in for a meeting

Scout At Home

Zoom meeting for Cubs.

Please join us tomorrow – details below.

Many thanks to the Cubs who were able to join us for the Zoom meeting last Friday. For those who weren’t there – we missed you, and we hope you can make the next one.
The film Jumanji got great feedback from all the Cubs – a film well worth watching.
We still need nominations for the new Sixer so please can we have some ideas for the Cubs who have not yet voted?
The task for this week is to film 2 clips for the toilet roll challenge. 1 clip is to catch a toilet roll from the right and then throwing it to your left. The other clip is you catching it from the left and then throwing it to your right. Please feel free to involve your family and pets – if possible. Make it as funny, silly, weird and wacky as you can. Our tech-guy Joel will put it together as one film, and hopefully it will be as funny as we think it will be! Another example.
This week’s meeting will be Thursday at 6.30pm – we hope you can make it.


James Smith is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: James Smith’s Personal Meeting Room
Scout At Home
Join Zoom Meeting…
Meeting ID: 430 485 3114
Passcode: see text message

Fingers crossed we will be back face to face next week.